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In case you missed it, at the end of this month I’ll be releasing The Playa new standalone steamy contemporary romance which features characters previously introduced in The Pact & The Offer. Check the preorder promotion below, and keep reading to find not one, but TWO excerpts from The Play!



$1 from EVERY preorder of The Play is going toward animal charities (I will release the main list of charities closer to release day but they are all very reputable and deserving of our help). Thanks to generous romance readers who not only want an epic book, but a chance to do good in animal’s lives, we’ve raised 30% of the goal. Let’s make it to 100%! Preorder your copy today!






*Please note: This is unedited, and subject to change*

He shakes his head and picks up the ball, holding it out in front of him. “I’ve had my nose broken a few times, my face smashed, my shoulder dislocated, my ribs broken, my Achilles tendon torn. I’ve had a million cuts and bruises. But I’ve never had any injury to the family jewels.”
“That’s good to know.”
Another laugh. “Is that right?” Then suddenly he springs into action, dropping the ball and then kicking with one sweep of his leg, the thigh muscles bulging beneath his tiny shorts.
The ball goes soaring down the field, landing short of the end.
“Oh come on,” I groan, standing there as he starts to run off.
He doesn’t stop, just waves at me to follow. “Are you going to play or not, you pansy.”
Pansy? I don’t think so. And so even though it’s extremely unfair that tiny Asian barefoot girl has to run down a wet field after a Scottish pro rugby beast, I do it anyway.
Because, really, like I’m going to let this man get away.
I sprint down the field as fast as the slick mud and skinny jeans and short legs will let me. I know it’s futile to even try but Lachlan starts to slow down.
“You want me to catch up with you?” I yell at him, nearly slipping.
He stops near the ball. “I realize the cleats give me an advantage.”
“Oh sure, the cleats.”
He goes for the ball and I know I’m close enough to tackle him.
“Well what the bloody hell are you waiting for?” he says to me, stooping over, the ball in his hands. “This is when you would tackle me so I would either release the ball so you can get it or I’ll pass to another player. Either way you need to prevent me from making the try.”
He just gave me permission to put my hands all over him. I am not going to pass this up.
I run at him, giving some kind of warrior cry and fling myself at his upper body. It really is like throwing yourself against a brick wall. I bounce off, my legs sliding back through the mud and I grab onto his shirt for dear life as I fall to the ground.
Of course it doesn’t bring him down. All it does is stretch the neck of his shirt and I’m hanging off him like a monkey. I refuse to let go though.
“If you don’t let go, you’ll rip my shirt right off,” he says, staring down at me, rain pouring off his face.
“That’s the idea, isn’t it?” I yell back. “You gotta give me something here.”
He drops to his knees beside me in the mud, his thigh pressed against mine. I can feel the heat of his skin through my jeans which starts an inferno between my legs. I’ve never been so close to him. All his wet, glistening skin, close enough to lick. His immense size makes me feel so small and easily overtaken and he smells like sweat and rain, a deadly cocktail.
I swallow hard, my breath heavy in my chest. He gazes at me through wet lashes, those eyes of his laced with intensity I can feel deep inside.
I have to be professional. I have to hold it together. And the vow, think of the vow. But damn, if he kissed me, that would unleash the beast of my own. There would be nothing stopping me from ripping off the rest of his clothes and fucking him here in this muddy field.
God, I pray and briefly close my eyes. I know praying for dick isn’t a new thing for me, but if you could please make muddy field sex with Lachlan McGregor happen, I’ll erect a church in your name.
“Here,” Lachlan says, voice gruff. My eyes snap open as he pushes the ball out ahead of us. “You tackled me. This is me releasing the ball.”
No, no, no. Forget the game. Make a play on me.



(This excerpt is steamy, and contains mature content.)

*Please note: this is unedited and subject to change.*

He pauses and lifts his thumb away. He brings his mouth off of my breast, his beard wet with moisture as his heavy eyes gaze at me. “I plan on making you come all night long, love.”
I’m breathing hard, my hand going to the back of his thick neck that’s already damp with sweat. “First time, I want you inside me. As deep and hard and fast as you can go. Fuck me into oblivion. Then make me come again and again and again after that.”
“So fucking greedy,” he mutters. He shakes his head slightly, a hint of smile on his glistening lips. “You’re going to bring me to my knees, aren’t you, gorgeous?”
“I’ll be on my knees first,” I say, leaning forward and grabbing hold of his lower lip between my teeth and tugging. “I’m going to put your massive, swollen cock in my mouth and suck you off until you don’t know your own name.”
“Jesus,” he curses roughly, the heat in his green eyes growing hotter. “Fucking little dirty talker you are.”
I bring my mouth to the soft spot where his jaw meets his neck, the stubble brushing against my swollen lips. “Give me dirty and I’ll keep talking.”



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