Playlist for Black Hearts and Dirty Souls

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Scroll below for the playlists 🙂 If you haven’t read either sexy and scandalous book in the Sins Duet, you can pick them up here:

Black Hearts:

Dirty Souls:

On to the Playlist (unfortunately I don’t have Spotify in Canada so I’m unable to create links to the songs but if you’re feeling intrepid, go nuts)

Black Hearts Playlist

“Black Heart”- Calexico
“A Thousand Details” – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
“Born to Die” – Lana Del Rey
“Red Right Hand” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
“The Beast” – Johann Johannsson
“#1 Crush” – Garbage
“In Two” – NIN
“Blackbird” – The Beatles
“Lucky Ones” – Lana Del Rey
“Romeo and Juliet” – Dire Straits
“Ultraviolence” – Lana Del Rey
“Halo” – Depeche Mode
“Loverman” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
“Wish” – NIN
“The Border” – Johann Johannsson
“What if We Could?” – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
“I Would For You” – NIN
“Two Silver Trees” – Calexico
“Where the Wild Roses Grow (feat Kylie Minogue)” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
“Up Jumped The Devil” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Update: Users have created a Youtube playlist (thanks Elsi) and a Spotify one for the above!

Dirty Souls Playlist

-> “Calavera” – Calexico
(In my younger days devil call my name
Dealt me my cards, saw through my game
It wasn’t enough to keep me in line
Now here I am spending all my time)
-> “Impossible Tracks” – The Kills
(“Oh my shaking heart
You got me from the start
You got me good
You aimed and then you shot
You got me on the spot
Like I knew you would
-> “So Far From Your Weapon” – The Dead Weather
(“There’s a bullet in my pocket burning a hole
You’re so far from your weapon
And you want to go home”)
-> “Mercy in You” – Depeche Mode
(“I can’t conceal
The way I’m healed
The pleasure I feel
When I have to deal
With the mercy in you”)
-> “Bitter Fruit” – The Kills
(“I cut your branches at the root
I gotta save my soul from the things you do”)
-> “A Girl Like Me” – Desert Sessions feat PJ Harvey
(“It took a girl like me
To bring you to your knees
You took a girl like me”)
-> “Money Power Glory” – Lana Del Rey
(“You say that you wanna go
To a land that’s far away
How are we supposed to get there
With the way that we’re living today?”)
-> “Let it Drop” – The Kills
(“For my next trick
Gonna be like: where she go?
Make an exit
like adios amigo”)
-> “Big Dark Love” – Murder by Death
(“I know it’s dangerous
It’s my big dark love
Let me in
With my big dark love”)
-> “Do You Love Me?” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
(“She was given to me to put things right
And I stacked all my accomplishments beside her
Still I seemed so obselete and small
I found God and all His devils insider her”)
-> “Personal Jesus” – Depeche Mode
(“Take second best
Put me to the test
Things on your chest
You need to confess”)
-> “Treadstone Assassins” – John Powell
-> “Separation Anxiety” – Faith No More
(“It’s like when your mind
Has a mind of it’s own
Please take mine
Don’t leave me alone
Capture me”)
-> “Mind if I Cut In?” – Hans Zimmer
-> “The Line Begins to Blur” – NIN
(“There are things that I said I would never do
There are fears that I can not believe have come true
For my soul is too sick and too little too late
And myself I have grown too weary to hate”)
-> “Everybody Knows That You’re Insane” – Queens of the Stone Age
(“Everybody knows that you’re insane
You wanna know just how long you can hide from what you are?
Not very long”)
-> “We’re in This Together” – NIN
(“The farther I fall I’m beside you
As lost as I get I will find you
The deeper the wound I’m inside you
For ever and ever I’m a part of you and me
Even after everything
You’re the queen and I’m the king
Nothing else means anything”)
-> “God Hates a Coward” – Tomahawk
(“Breakin’ the branches off your family tree”)
-> “Wish” – NIN
(“I’m the one without a soul I’m the one with this big fucking hole”)
-> “Last Cup of Sorrow” – Faith No More
(“This is getting old and so are you.
Everything you know and never knew.
Will run through your fingers just like sand.
Enjoy it while you can.”)
-> “Why Do We Fall?” – Hans Zimmer
-> “Imagine the Fire” – Hans Zimmer
-> “Over Your Shoulder” – Calexico
-> “Honeymoon” – Lana Del Rey
(“We both know the history of violence that surrounds you
But I’m not scared, there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you”)



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