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Release Date: OCTOBER 19, 2019
Genre: ,
Pages: 268

"The Royal Rogue is undeniably a scorching-hot romance, but it's so much more -- an absolutely swoon-worthy love story that packs an emotional punch. Don't miss this delicious, satisfying royal romance." Frolic Media

Every family has a black sheep - even the royal ones.

In the royal family of Denmark, that black sheep is me. Princess Stella, the scandalous divorcee, the only single mom in the family. It doesn't bother me what people say. It's always been me and my daughter against the world.

Then that world of mine gets turned upside down.

Prince Orlando of Monaco, whom the media has dubbed "The Royal Rogue" for many good reasons, comes to stay. The lewd words that leave his lips are inappropriate in any company. He seems to enjoy getting under my skin- and pretty soon, under my royal bedclothes as well.

It's just a brief but torrid affair. Full of hot, dirty sex and nothing else.

Until that nothing else turns into something more, in the form of a big surprise.

I thought I got that wicked royal rogue out of my system but there's a link between us now that neither of us can ignore.

A baby.

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