Where is Black Rose, book 2 in the Dracula Duet by Karina Halle? Where is City of Darkness book 3 in Underworld Gods? Why was my Black Rose or City or Darkness preorder cancelled? When does Black Rose by Karina Halle release? When does City of Darkness release or come out? What is the release date for Black Rose by Karina Halle?

Pardon the SEO speak above, but I wanted you to find the right info! Due to various personal reasons (which I go into detail on my pinned and latest Instagram posts which you can find at @authorhalle) all my preorders and book release dates have been cancelled for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023. Please note, only the DATES have been cancelled. The books have not. Black Rose, City of Darkness and the final book in the Underworld Gods series, plus my Gothic Shade of Romance series are all releasing in 2023. But due to circumstances I can’t do preorders anymore nor will I set a release date until the book is closer to releasing. If you wish to be in the know of when things are coming I suggest following me on Instagram, sign up for my newsletter HERE, or you can contact my assistant Michelle = info (AT) reckless-readers-society DOT com as I may be on a social media hiatus and unavailable.

Thank you!